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Lawn Maintenance

Keep it Fresh All Season

The basic needs for a healthy and well-kept lawn. We ensure your lawn always looks fresh through our mowing, string trimming, and thorough grass clipping clean-up.


Spring/Fall Cleanups

Let Your Lawn Shine

Rid your lawn of annoying leaves and debris. Let's get your property looking clean and ready for the attention it deserves during this lawn care season.

Lawn Improvment

The Foundation Matters 

Through our detaching, aeration, fertilizing and overseeding options, allow us to ensure your lawn can optimally uptake the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive.


Hedge Trimming

Keep em' in Line

Don't allow your hedges to get out of control and problematic for their health. Allow us to keep them properly trimmed for both eye appeal and plant health.


Flower Bed Pruning

Keep it Clean!

Don't let the flower beds that accent the exterior of your home get overgrown and messy! Use our flower bed pruning service to keep it looking sharp year-round!


Mulch Installation

Keep it Fresh!

Faded, dirty mulch? Maybe it's not the right colour anymore. Have us install new, fresh mulch, using your colour of choice! Is the mulch piling up? Have us remove it, too!

Weed Pulling

Destroy Them All!

Weeds kill the look of your flower beds. Allow us to get rid of the pesky eye sores so your mulch or rock can shine through, allowing your plants to look their best!


Brush Cutting

Make Space!

Have some brush that is 2 inches in diameter or less? Have us clear it out to make your space more open, and less sore on the eyes! After all, who doesn't love more space?

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